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Our blotter sheets are collectable items printed on acid free, aluminium free & chloride free cotton paper.

In the 1960’s blotter papers were originally used for absorbing liquid LSD.

As psychedelic art and visionary art grew as standalone art styles in itself, the legal hobby of collecting and exhibiting blotter paper sheets simply as art works has grown to what it is today, with many visionary artists worldwide designing and producing intricate, beautiful and unique blotter art.

We sell ART

Our blotter Art sheets are collectable items.

In our online art gallery you can only buy un-dosed blotters. We only sell Art, our blotter sheets contain no LSD or any other drug.


Our designs are printed on remarkably high quality acid free, aluminium free and chloride free highly absorbent cotton blotting paper.

Printed with classic Heidelberg machines, using only non-toxic, metal-free plant based inks.

Because our sheets are also perforated on large Heidelberg machines, our blotter Art papers have an unusually high number of clear, accurate perforations per sheet.

Unless otherwise stated our designs are printed on 250 grs. cotton blotter paper with 500 perforated

squares (0.9 x 0.9 cm) per sheet.

Our blotter art collectables are available worldwide – we ship worldwide.

For custom orders, please contact us.


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